The Assignment
Vizgen is a life sciences company developing the next generation of spatial genomics profiling tools to provide new insights into the biological systems that connects to human health and disease.
The company launched its first commercial instrument MERSCOPE, the industry’s first high multiplexing, high resolution in situ commercial platform that combines single cell and spatial genomics analysis in one integrated system.
The goal of the campaign is to build excitement for the launch, increase adoption and understanding of the instrument, its offerings, and contributions to the world of spatial genomics.
The Idea
The campaign idea is about exploring new dimensions with the power and potential of spatial genomics. The ad shows a scientist stepping through a metaphorical portal and into a visually rich, spatial genomics environment full of new insights to be discovered.
MERSCOPE Technology Video
Promoted Social Ads
MERSCOPE Overview Brochure
Conference Exhibit AACR 2022
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