Organ Recovery Systems is a company that designs and delivers exceptional clinical tools and services to preserve and protect donor organs. ORS is transforming preservation in liver transplantation through the invention of their LifePort Liver Transporter (LLT).
The LLT design, engineering and performance capabilities are based upon the LifePort prototype system used in the Columbia University Medical Center / New York Presbyterian Hospital and from the proven technology platform of the market leading LifePort Kidney Transporter.
In preparation of the LLT launch, two videos were created to promote 1)-Tell a transplant recipient’s heartfelt story and 2)-The story of the LLT that speaks to the design history, how far they have come, clinical evidence, and expert testimony through interviews from a Northwestern surgeon, and a surgeon from Rutgers who is the co-inventor of the LLT.​​​​​​​
David's Transplant Journey (3:11)
Stills from the video
Lifeport Liver Transporter: Transforming Preservations (4:23)
Stills from the video
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