The Objective
Illumina wanted to expand from its focus in genomics to fully encompass RNA, Epigenetics, and event Proteins to better provide clinically meaningful data in the world of multiomics.
Multiomics is a new approach where the data sets of different omic groups are combined during analysis. The objective was to create an ownable multiomics campaign to pique the interests of researchers doing cutting-edge work and draw them into a multiomics approach.
The Idea
When using just single-omics, you may be missing crucial data that can affect the acceleration of your breakthroughs. Integrating multiomics gives you the sum of all parts, allowing you to see what you might be missing in order to see the entire picture.
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The MORE Symposium
Part of the campaign launch is a virtual conference that invited renowned scientist across different areas of study to speak about multiomics and the impact it can have on their research. The design of the symposium had its own distinctive campaign look for all the awareness tactics.
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MORE Symposium Gift Box
The first 500 eligible registrants received a gift pack that included a wireless charging mouse pad, a Tread water bottle, a pair of blue light glasses with a case, and a glasses cleaner with a cloth.
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